Sunday, October 13, 2013

An Amazing Movie About Bipolar Disorder

I was looking for a good film to illustrate mental illness, particularly Bipolar Disorder, when I came across a powerful film produced by Arpi-Revo Productions. It's entitled "Up/Down  Bipolar Disorder Documentary" and features real people sharing heartfelt accounts of what's it's like to live with the condition.

The producers generously uploaded the film on youtube but it's definitely worth  getting a personal copy  as  it's one of those films that make you experience something new with every watch. In fact, simply watching it is therapy; you'll feel validated by the fact that you're not alone, you understand more about the illness, and you get to process your own experience by answering the interviewer's questions yourself.

Below is a copy of the film. As soon as I have the time I will post feelings and insights from when I watched it. I saw it during an extreme low and it was such a comfort.

Expect uncontrollable weeping --- the good kind.

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